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Aquatics Programs

Swim Lessons

We offer swim lessons for all ages, 6 months and up! Whether you need a parent-child class for you and your little guppy, or you're an adult just starting your swim journey, we've got you covered! Group lessons not your thing? Don't worry, we offer private lessons as well!

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Three women joyfully chat as they get ready to enter the swimming pool

Aqua Fitness Classes

As part of our commitment to helping our Members become the healthiest, strongest versions of themselves, we offer a broad array of group exercise classes, free of charge, including Aquatics group exercise classes in our Lap and Therapy Pools!

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Skill Refinement

In addition to teaching people of all ages and backgrounds how to swim, we offer Phins Swim Team Prep (6-14 yrs) and Master Swim (18+ yrs) to help strong swimmers refine technique, improve physical fitness, and socialize with other aquatics enthusiasts.

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Develop your skills through American Red Cross courses. We offer Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Certification, Lifeguard Certification, and Water Safety Instructor Certification.

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Here at Armed Services YMCA Killeen, the safety of our Members and program participants is our primary concern.

When lightning is within ten miles, we suspend all activity in the Aquatics Center and evacuate people to established safe area(s). Our lifeguards clear both pools and lock the entrances. If our lifeguards ask you to exit the Aquatics Center, please do so in as quick and safe a manner as possible.

We resume activities only when safe. The general rule of thumb is that we reopen the Aquatics Center 30 minutes after the last observed lightning or thunder. Lifeguards must be in appropriate position for surveillance before activities resume.

“The Aquatics Center is indoors – why do you close the pool?”

Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. The structures surrounding our pools, whether outdoor or indoor, may also be conductive. Swimming pools and their attendant structures are connected to vast networks of potentially conductive materials, such as underground water pipes, gas lines, and telephone/electric cables. Many victims of lightning are not struck directly but are injured when electric currents transverse the ground or a structure.